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Attorney general shares scam reports

The Minnesota Attorney General’s office recently shared a few scam reports on their website.

From time to time, the Scam Alert column will share examples from the state’s list. Below is one of them.

“Many of today’s scams are perpetrated by criminals who are bent on stealing people’s money,” the Attorney General’s report states. “These criminals often live in other states or countries and use modern technology — including throw-away cell phones and “spoofed” telephone numbers — to conceal their identity and evade law enforcement. Other times, the scams are perpetrated by unscrupulous companies or fly-by-night operations, which frequently change their names, addresses and telephone numbers to avoid detection and cover up a track record of complaints

Tax scams
Under this scam, a con artist calls you posing as a representative of the Internal Revenue Service, United States Department of the Treasury or law enforcement agency and demands a large payment on back taxes or some other purported debt.

The con artist will often threaten you with arrest, jail or legal action to pressure you into making an immediate payment. In some cases, the con artist will ask you to provide your bank account information, which can be used to empty your bank account.

Other times, the con artist may instruct you to send the payment via a wire transfer or a reloadable card. After the money is sent, the scam artist disappears and the money is typically lost for good.

Share your scam story
Local law enforcement is concerned about the impact of scams on area residents, particularly the elderly.
If you have been the target of a scam, your first contact should be local authorities. Also, feel free to contact us with details (we can keep your name confidential).
Send your story to: rahnl@windomnews.com, or call 507-831-3455. By sharing, you could prevent someone from being scammed.

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