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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Board seeks end to time trend assessments

Cottonwood County Commissioners made a request to the Minnesota Department of Revenue, asking it to end a controversial practice that overinflates the assessed value of farmland.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Commissioner Norm Holmen presented a letter he drafted, asking the department to discontinue the practice of time trend assessment for farmland property values.

The practice essentially increases the assessed value of land if there are a certain number of land sales within a township in a 12-month period.

It has resulted in farmland in several townships in Southwest Minnesota to be assessed at up to double its actual value. Germantown Township in Cottonwood County has been particularly impacted by the practice.

Holmen stated he had input from County Assessor Dave Grev on the letter, with hopes for board endorsement, as well as endorsement of other counties.

More from Tuesday’s meeting appears in the Dec. 20 print and e-editions of the Citizen.

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