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New school for the Falcons is flying up

The new $45 million school project for Red Rock Central that is slated to open next fall in Lamberton is going up swiftly, and Superintendent Todd Lee said the facility should be under full roofing by year’s end.

The weather has been excellent since the build started in earnest this summer with the huge exterior walls for the two-story building going up first. Autumn, and warm temperatures meant that a lot of cement and footings are completed, with all the exterior walls in place. The structure measures 128,345 square feet in total.

Thus, workers are busy pouring floors inside and Lee gave a recent tour of facility which revealed many workers doing tasks from flooring to heating and cooling, making electrical connections, and even putting up drywall in a few interior sections where the framing for offices is complete.

“Here we are in mid-December and it’s 51 degrees,” said Lee. “We had a good summer and we have not lost many days to weather at all. So it’s been good, and the roofing is about 80% complete, which is terrific.”

The contractor, Kraus Anderson out of Minneapolis, is an experienced school builder, Lee explained, and every deadline has been hit thus far. Subcontractors from Springfield, Marshall and Willmar are also involved.

Much of the concrete work focused on getting the main academic areas done on each of the two levels.

“I expect the gym floors could be poured this week or next for sure,” Lee said.

For more details on this story, please see the December 20 edition of the Citizen.

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