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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Students hear descendant’s Holocaust story

Meira Besikoff spoke to English students at Windom Area High School on Friday afternoon and told a riveting story of her Jewish grandparents survival during the Holocaust, and the propaganda and lies that oppressed Jews then and now.

Besikoff is part of a organization called Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota, and she goes to schools and organizations to give talks about 20 times a year. In her presentation she traces the personal history of her grandparents, Norman and Sofia Burnstein.

About 60 students attended and they had just finished reading “Night,” a book by Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, to give them more context for the visiting speaker and subject.

English teacher Lisa Letcher said, “They constantly ask questions and want to know more, and as we read we had to keep reminding ourselves, this is a true story. And that’s why I weave in the witness testimonies and lots of stuff we know about the propaganda used. . .I love what Meira does to connect it today with her story and connecting it to today.”

For more details on this story, please see the Dec. 6 edition of the Citizen.

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