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A gracious return to Glacier

This summer, Pattie Holmes and her family took a trip back to Glacier National Park in Montana where 47 years ago she miraculously survived a fall into a steep gorge rushing with white water.

She was hiking with her two young girls while trying to reach beautiful Avalanche Lake when the fall occurred.

Is there any good that can come out of revisiting the scene of a bad accident?

Yes, Pattie said, because the accident was also the site of much goodwill by people and what she considers an astounding act of God’s grace.

“I mean, there’s more good people than there is bad people, but you don’t always know that, or remember. And this is so reassuring to see these things again,” Pattie said.

What happened in 1976

It was a hot day in August of 1976, and Pattie was hiking with her husband at that time and their two daughters, Denise, 11, and Deanna, 9.

“It was early morning, and we stopped along the Avalanche Creek Gorge to take a picture,” Holmes remembered. “The sun was right in behind the girls, so me, not really thinking, I just kind of stepped over for a different angle to take the picture. With that, I was too close to the edge of the water and my cowboy boots slipped and I went in.”

For more details on this story, please see the Dec. 6 edition of the Citizen.



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