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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

MLPS referendum fails

Voters in the Mt. Lake Public School District said ‘no’ to a significant increase in the district’s operating levy Tuesday.

The measure, which would have replaced the current operating levy of $1,331 per pupil with a levy of $1,911 per pupil, failed with 281 ‘no’ votes to 224 ‘yes’ votes.

The district’s current operating levy expires in 2027.

Additionally, voters elected four members to four-year terms on the school board.

Incumbent Tom Fast received the most votes, with 364. Newcomer Carolyn Karschnik received 302 votes, newcomer Ramont Harder-Schrock received 263 votes and incumbent Chad Pedersen received 253 votes.

Incumbent Julie Brugman was not re-elected to the board, after receiving 252 votes. Challenger John D. Regier received 249 votes.

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