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Windomnet adapting service over 20 years

The Windomnet Telecom Company is approaching 20 years of existence and although first met with some skeptisim, the service has become integral part of a globally connected world in modern Windom.

The Telcom central office groundbreaking was held in July of 2004 and Coralee Krueger was the Mayor of Windom at that time.  Krueger, now 86, remembers that funding the project was controversial. She also believes citizens take the service for granted now in an age with more choices, but she still believes the quality of the service is very impressive.

“Many people opposed it,” said Kruger, “and it seemed like a concern that it would not succeed.”

Coralee Krueger, now 86, was the mayor of Windom when the decision to add cable television and technology services was debated. At that time, the electric department was seen as the logical choice to run cables and get the service in place. Later, as the service grew, it became its own city department.

Now commonly just called Windomnet, the company provides cable television, internet access, and telephone service to subscribers, and sets Windom apart from the mostly rural majority of Cottonwood County who sometimes experience difficulty in getting dependable or affordable internet access.

That contrast to rural areas or smaller towns who have not yet managed to install a dependable fiberoptic system makes Windom’s choice to begin the process 20 years ago seem visionary.

“I’m thrilled,” said Krueger, “that something has succeeded so well beyond anyone’s imagination. People don’t talk about it, but I think the quality of the service has been impressive.

Jeff Dahna is the current manager, and he reports that current numbers for the system in 2023 are 629 for TV, 792 for phone service, and 1,676 for internet. The original emphasis 20 years ago was cable and TV service, whereas now it is the need for data.

For more details on this story, please see the Nov. 1 edition of the Citizen.

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