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Saturday, May 25, 2024

PIP says plant will reopen in early ’24

Premium Iowa Pork announced that they have entered a new remodeling phase in the plant in Windom and they plan to open the facility sometime early next year.

Dan Paquin is the CEO of PIP and he stated, “Phase two of our efforts will continue through early 2024. We plan to make final decisions around production and begin operations during the second quarter of next year.”

The first phase, Paquin explained, was the purchase and evaluation of the plant. PIP bought the plant in early June during a bankruptcy sale after HyLife, the former owner, went belly up.

Paquin revealed that the company’s phase two is now underway which focuses on modernizing the facility through a series of design and operational upgrades to meet the hog processor’s needs for the space.

PIP has begun to remove outdated equipment and infrastructure to assist in this process, bringing the plant one step closer to reopening as a new Premium Iowa Pork brand.

City is ready

“Premium Iowa Pork’s announcement that they will be conducting operations in Windom is welcome news,” said Windom City Administrator Steve Nasby, “and the city looks forward to working with them to get the facility back into production and bring jobs back into the community.”

For more details on this story, please see the Nov. 1 edition of the Citizen.

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