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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Single-family home renovations project is done

The city council recently reviewed and closed the work done through a Small Cities Development Program from the state that began in 2018 and is now complete.

The goal of the program was to loan low-to-moderate-income local single-family property owners renovation money to improve and update their homes in Windom.

11 different local homeowners took advantage of the program and the average loan given out was for $18,200. The owners had to match 30% of the loans, and the rest is paid back over 10 years with 10% percent forgiven each year.

Typical projects were roofing, windows, heating, gutters and insulation updates.
In total, $189, 596 in renovations were accomplished.

For more details, please see the Oct. 25 edition of the Citizen.

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