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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

An Elite move to a new facility

Elite Mechanical and Elite Appliance Plus are now in one location as the owners moved the operations into the old Shopko building at 2155 First Avenue, Windom. The old Shopko is the new Elite, and the business opened there just before Sept. 1.

Travis and Bridget Hodkin own the businesses, and they wanted to put everything under one roof. There are 22 employees between the two businesses. Elite Mechanical is celebrating its 15th year in business, and the couple bought out Smith Appliance in 2021 and have changed the name to Elite Appliance Plus.

Bridget explained, “The primary purpose of us getting into one facility is to consolidate operations and be able to unify our team in one central location. One of the major appeals to acquiring the appliance division was to be able to offer the same service-minded experience in both and be able to cross-market between them. The new building has an improved sales appeal, but behind the scenes our primary focus remains the service side.”

Bridget explained that service roots run deep at Elite and she stated,“A big part of why we started the business is having the desire to treat all customers with honesty and respect.”

After attending HVAC school right out of high school, Travis had the opportunity to gain experience in both commercial and residential service.

“The business remains about a 50/50 split and Travis stills enjoy being the in-the-field superhero and providing customer service. People are his thing and he is good at it,” Bridget said.

For more details on this story, please see the Oct. 18 edition of the Citizen.

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