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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Harvest restarting between rains

Rain late last week slowed down the area harvest considerably, as some southern parts of the county received up to five inches, but farmers are going back into the fields this week now and finding good results.

Grain Manager Jeff Weis of the Meadowland Farmers Coop in Storden said most farmers are now done with the soybean crop, and those who are finishing should be done this week.

On Tuesday, Weis said, “Some people got started again yesterday, but I think more will begin tomorrow and this week. There were farmers loading on the road, but I think pretty soon they’ll be able to load back out in the fields.”

The Windom area got more rain, and it has to be dry before you chance going out into a field and then try to get out if its wet with 900 bushels of corn or beans loaded, said Weis.

The bean crop has been good with the best yields 60 and above, with others in the 50s or 40s. The moisture is ideal at 13 but farmers all over the county have reported some of the crops got down to eight or nine percent, and Weis confirmed that.

“I think when you average yield across fields in the end, the beans will be in the 50s somewhere,” said Weis.

The corn crop is now going to go full speed ahead and Weis said if all goes well, farmers should wrap up near the end of October. It’s early for corn, but yields could average in the low 200s per acre.

For more information on this story, please see the Oct. 18 edition of the Citizen.

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