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Windom event teaches gravestone and marker restoration

There were more than 30 local citizens who attended a Gravestone and Marker Restoration Clinic recently at Lakeview Cemetary in Windom.

“It went very well,” said Steve Fresk, chairman of the Windom Cemetery Association board, which helped organize the project. “The crew of five AmeriCorp members and two supervisors presented on monument leveling, lifting, and cleaning.”

Fresk said one goal was to help people to prioritize projects from the daunting number of monuments that need help in many of the local cemeteries.

Often times, it can be easy to overlook the care of family markers and gravestones, or people don’t know if they have the skills or tools to do the job themselves.

Goals of the workshop were to provide real-life examples at the cemetery, and offer education on strategies and the use of simple hand tools.

Patience is one of the main tools needed, said Fresk, The work takes a little time but can usually be done with sand and gravel for leveling, water with biological cleaners, and hand tools like flat-bladed spades, crow bars, brushes, levels, and shovels.

Being gentle and doing no harm is important, and a little practice goes a long ways toward preserving these items of heritage and respect.

For more details on this story, please see the Oct. 4 edition of the Citizen.

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