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School retains School Resource Officer relationship

Despite recent strains in the relationships between public schools and police departments in the state due to law changes, Windom local schools are planning to maintain what they see as very positive programs utilizing school resource officers (SROs).

“Windom schools will not lose their SRO officer because of changes in the law,” said Jamie Frank, district superintendent for Windom schools. “Police Chief Peterson and I have discussed the matter and Officer Wallace will remain in the schools as usual.”

Officer Dana Wallace is a trained national SRO practitioner and has been in the Windom schools since the fall of 2013.

“The best resource I have,” said Wallace, “is 10 years of experience and building rapport with the students so that they trust me and know I’m there to help them. Plus we have an excellent staff and administration at Windom schools that support the SRO program here to make it successful.”

The school contracts with the police department for a set number of hours each year, and Frank believes the program has greatly benefited the community.

“Having an SRO on campus acts as a deterrent to crime on school grounds and in the community with a uniformed presence,” Frank stated. “The SRO takes preventive measure by teaching classes such as the DARE drug prevention program, internet safety, personal safety and bike safety, as well as leading the safety patrol student team.”


For more details on this story, please see the Oct. 4 edition of the Citizen.

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