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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

More of Talcot Lake WMA opens for hunting

Reductions in local goose numbers has prompted changes to hunting boundaries at the Talcot Lake Wildlife Management Area.

Kent Schaap, assistant wildlife manager for the Talcot Lake Department of Natural Resources office, said much of the controlled hunting zone has been eliminated.

That opens up more of the territory in the WMA for public hunting during the waterfowl hunting season, which opens Saturday.

“We just don’t have the goose numbers we used to, so opening it up will make the area more available to other hunters, like pheasant hunters and deer hunters,” Schaap said. “Our designated goose blinds have had minimal use. We’re still going to have one controlled hunt zone on the west side of County Road 7 from our office to the south.

“On the east side, we eliminated the controlled hunt zone, so that is all open for small game hunting for doves, and for pheasants later on. There also was a chunk on the northwest corner of the lake where the controlled hunting zone has been eliminated.”

More on the changes can be found in the Sept. 20 print and e-editions of the Citizen.

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