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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Liquor store expansion approved and moving forward

The Windom City Council recently approved nearly $950,000 for a store expansion construction project and other major improvements for the city-owned River Bend Liquor store.

The current building is about 4,500 square feet and the new project will bring that total to near 6,000 square feet, with more retail space, updated coolers, a ramp, better lighting and security, and a 1,500 square-feet addition to the back of the building.

Liquor store manager John Nelson said, “Our service is already excellent, but this store will be much more user friendly with the updates.”

The stores dates to the mid-1970s and has only had minor renovations over the years. The coolers and most wall shelving all date to the genesis of the store.

Nelson said the goal is to get all the construction done and updates done by May 1 of next year, and during the build, he stated, “Our goal is to remain open as much as humanly possible.”

For more details on this story, please see the September 13 edition of the Citizen.

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