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PIP sorts challenges and opportunities after plant purchase

Premium Iowa Pork of Hospers, Iowa bought the pork processing plant in Windom two months ago, and is still considering how they might use the facility and a possible opening date.

CEO Dan Paquin of PIP stated recently, “Premium Iowa Pork is still in the beginning stages of its comprehensive evaluation of the Windom plant; therefore, we are not yet able to comment regarding workforce plans for the facility. We will share our plans with the Windom community once the evaluation has concluded and final decisions have been made.”

PIP met with city officials last on June 20, and Windom City Administrator Steve Nasby said he hopes to meet with PIP again, possibly this week. In June, PIP told the city it would be a couple of months before they were ready to meet again.

Who owes the taxes?
PIP is now in a conflict with HyLife about who is responsible for $214,650 that was paid in property taxes as part of the closing sale in the bankruptcy proceedings.

For more details on this story, please see the August 16 edition of the Citizen.

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