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Sunday, May 19, 2024

State funding remains in limbo

City of Windom officials hit the road recently in working to try to actually access the $13 million in state money that was appropriated after the closing of HyLife, but there is no success as yet.

City Administrator Steve Nasby, Mayor Dominic Jones and EDA Director Tiffany Lamb all traveled to Farmfest in Morgan last week to try to speak to Governor Tim Walz and other top officials face-to-face and let them know the need and time constraints that are at work in Windom. They arranged a meeting for Friday which ultimately did not have the speedy results for which they had hoped.

Nasby reported, “We spent three plus hours on an online meeting with them and really didn’t make a whole lot of progress. Essentially where it is sitting is that we’re trying to work out a mechanism on the housing dollars. The state is insisting that any expenses that incurred prior to the legislation, they’re disallowing.”

Nasby refers here to expenses on the six building, 60-unit housing project in Windom that was originally intended for HyLife workers but was put into flux by HyLife’s bankrupty and sale.

Work on that housing has been at a standstill for many weeks now.

For more details, please see the August 9 edition of the Citizen.

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