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Sunday, May 19, 2024

High-speed chase flashed through Windom

A high-speed chase of a man in a stolen car went through Windom last Sunday morning and ended on the road between Bingham Lake and Mt. Lake with the arrest of 22-year-old Yonis Abdi of South Sioux City, Neb.

According to the Windom Police Department, at about 10 minutes before noon on Sunday, July 30, officers overheard State Patrol radio traffic about a white passenger car driving at over 100 mph on Highway 60 heading northbound from Iowa. The vehicle had been involved in a pursuit in Iowa that was terminated at the border.

Officers then noted that there were two other 911 calls to Jackson County about this vehicle as it continued north. Officers prepared for the vehicle’s approach to the Windom area and soon one officer spotted the vehicle entering Windom at a clocked speed of 94 mph.
Officers initiated a traffic stop but the vehicle failed to stop, and evaded the police while endangering the public with reckless driving conduct.

A pursuit ensued and officers tracked the suspect with the vehicle reaching speeds well above 100 mph, and Windom officers chased the car for about 10 miles.

For more details on this story,  please see the August 2 edition of the Citizen.

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