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Developer asks city for help to finish apartments

The Economic Development Authority met on Monday and leaders informed the board and audience that construction work on a housing project once intended for HyLife workers has stopped, and that Headwaters Development, the private developer of the project, is asking the city for $10 million in two loans to help finish the project.

The city of Windom is set to receive $10 million in state aid for Windom housing development, as part of a $14 million aid package that the legislature passed before the session closed in May.

That bill states that the money “must be used by the city to facilitate completion of the Windom HyLife Affordable Housing Development” as politicians anticipated that the developer, Headwaters, might have struggles with financing after HyLife closed and the lease that was planned with HyLife for that company’s workers became void with HyLife’s bankruptcy.
Windom City Administrator Steve Nasby said the city is still working with the state and particularly the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, but the money is not in hand yet to use.

The apartment project is located just off Redding Avenue to the north and east of the Windom Community Center.

For more details on this story, please see the July 12 edition of the Citizen.

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