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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Highest bid for HyLife comes from Premium Iowa Pork, LLC

Records now show that Premium Iowa Pork LLC was the highest bidder for the HyLife Foods plant auctioned Friday as a part of the bankruptcy proceedings for the troubled HyLife business.

There is a court sales hearing today which will determine approval of the bids.

According to the notice of auction results included in HyLife’s bankruptcy filings, $13 million was the top bid from Premium Iowa Pork. The bid was for the plant, everything in the plant, and the land adjacent to it.

Premium Iowa Pork has operations in Hospers, Iowa, which is located 75 miles southwest of Windom following Highway 60, and also in Luverne which is branded under Premium Minnesota Pork.

Premium Iowa Pork advertises itself as one of the nation’s top suppliers of antibiotic-free pork, and family-owned since 1916.

There are also bids awaiting court approval for 22,000 finished hogs, 110 acres of farmland north of the plant, and a duplex in Mt. Lake.

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