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Sunday, May 19, 2024

City and CIC offer help to HyLife workers now counting the days

The city of Windom and the Windom Cultural Integration Committee (CIC) are both taking steps to provide help to local HyLife workers and families in the face of layoffs and a short window to plan a big move for some workers.

Workers on H-2B visas may only have about a week to prepare to move to a job in another location, or return to their home countries.

Windom EDA Director Tiffany Lamb said the city of Windom will have a Spanish-speaking translator available in the coming days as they expect families to be coming in with questions and to pay for services.

Lamb said, “We are working to make sure those workers feel support from the city in terms of those services.”

Lamb informed that there is also a Facebook page in Spanish sponsored by the CIC that can help workers by having a place to share and seek information. Workers may get help selling cars, and finding resources by joining this group. The name of the group is Comunidad de Windom, Mn.

As HyLife recently notified workers with H-2B visa status that they must file paperwork by Friday at 5 p.m. to arrange transportation to leave Windom, and that if returning to their home country through HyLife, departure will be no later than Saturday, June 3.

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