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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

HyLife gives employees notice before Friday sale

In a memo to workers Friday confirmed by numerous employees and city officials, HyLife announced that none of its potential buyers have the certification or approvals to accept the current HyLife workers on H-2B visas at the plant. Close to half of the plant’s over 1,000 workers are on such visas.

Thus HyLife asked these workers to begin filling out forms due Friday by 5 p.m. to arrange transportation to their home countries with departure no later than Saturday, June 3.

Windom EDA director Tiffany Lamb said the city of Windom will have a Spanish-speaking translator available in the coming days as they expect families to be coming in with questions and to pay for services.

Mayor Dominic Jones stated Thursday afternoon: “The city of Windom is sympathetic in regards to the situation at HyLife foods for our local, hardworking H-2B residents.”

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