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Westbrook Mayor’s Review

Digger Phelps first served as mayor of Westbrook in 1980, and he has served on city council and again as mayor since that time.

He is connected to Westbrook-Walnut Grove schools and still works there as a part-time bus driver when he can. He also serves as Commander of the Westbrook VFW.

Phelps says he continues to serve as mayor because he believes it’s important to have people who are responsible and are willing to put in the time. He says he has been fortunate to have a good group of people to work with and other volunteers who have allowed the city to do a good job.

“We’ve had a pretty good track record as far as our finances,” says Phelps, “and for little towns like ours now, that’s pretty important.”

For the full Question and Answer discussion of this interview, please see page 2 of the May 3 Citizen.

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