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Monday, June 17, 2024

County discusses new culvert for County Road 3

The prospect of combining a private culvert with a county culvert came before Cottonwood County Commissioners Tuesday.

Highway Engineer Nick Klisch stated that a private culvert that runs under County Road 3 was failing. A nearby culvert owned by the county was still functioning properly.

Impacted landowners had requested the prospect of replacing a 30-inch steel culvert.

Klisch said that, ordinarily, for a private drainage, the county would do the engineering and permitting and the landowners would pay for the work. A fee also was charged for road crossing.

The proposal would be to take out both the private and county culvert, with the county culvert being preserved for potential future use. A new 60-inch culvert would be installed.

The board requested the highway department document the project and talk to landowners about an agreement regarding future maintenance. The agreement would then be discussed at a future meeting.

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