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Windom schools in soft lockdown as police search for defendant in local murder case

Windom schools are in a soft lockdown and police have issued a public alert as they search for a missing defendant, Ralph Apmann of Windom, in the second-degree murder trial that is occurring in Windom.

Apmann did not show up for his scheduled hearing this morning at 9 a.m. in the Cottonwood County Courthouse. Apmann’s defense attorney, Philip Elbert told District Court Judge Christina Wietzema that he called Apmann’s cell phone this morning and learned from the woman who answered that Apmann had left is phone at home, but that he was gone, as was his gun. No further details were provided.

The judge agreed that a warrant should be put out for Apmann’s arrest.

Apmann does not have a car, so it is believed that he either left on foot, or received a ride.
Assistant Windom Police Chief Cory Hillesheim said police are advising people to avoid the north side of Windom and added, “We advise the public that if you see him (Apmann) do not approach, call 911.”

The jury was sent home for the day and Wietzema stressed that they not talk to anyone about the case and not listen to anyone talk about the case. They were also told to completely avoid media reports about the case.

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