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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Local murder trial testimony begins today

Testimony for the trial of a Windom man charged with second-degree murder could begin as early as today (Wednesday) in Cottonwood County District Court.

Jury selection was held all day Monday and into the day Tuesday for the trial of Ralph Leslie Apmann. He has been charged with “second degree murder without intent while committing a felony.”

The charges stem from an Aug. 26, 2021 incident at Phat Pheasant Pub in Windom.

Readers will see daily online coverage of this, the first murder trial at the Cottonwood County Courthouse in 25 years.

Stories will be posted at www.windomnews.com at the end of each day’s proceedings — and perhaps more often, if time and circumstances allow.

For more information, see the Feb. 8 edition of the Citizen.

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