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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Windom police report eight crashes in seven-day span

Car accidents have become commonplace, of late, according to the Windom Police Department.

This week’s police report shows a total of eight crashes from Dec. 19 to Dec. 26. Slippery winter driving conditions appeared to be a factor in at least some of those accidents.

In one case, a semi truck from Texas slipped off the road and into the ditch near the Toro plant on Dec. 23, taking down a MnDOT traffic sign in the process.

In another mishap, a vehicle slid into the back of a school bus on 16th Street, although the bus was not damaged. In fact, the bus driver reportedly didn’t know the bus had been struck and, as a result, drove away.

For more details on the past week’s worth of accidents and local police activity, see the Dec. 28 edition of the Cottonwood County Citizen and Citizen eEdition.

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