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WAS board says goodbye to Brugman

Windom Area Schools had a rare Thursday meeting last week and board members said goodbye to Don Brugman, who had his final meeting.

It was the final board meeting of the 2022 calendar year. The meeting was moved to Thursday because of holiday concerts at the school this past Monday and Tuesday.

Brugman, a 26-year member of the board, was part of a board that passed several referendums, both operating and building project bonds. During his tenure, the board achieved a new Elementary School in 2020, an addition to the CTE Center in 2020 and a Middle School addition in 2008.

Brugman was also on the SWWC for 20 years. He currently serves as clerk and is a member of the finance committee and has previously chaired the finance and policy committees.

Vice-chairman Joel Bordewyk thanked Brugman for his many years of service and talked about Brugman’s legacy. Bordewyk described Brugman as trustworthy, extremely dependable, knowledgeable and he paid great attention to detail.

“You know how to run a school board and you know what it means to be on a school board,” Bordewyk said to Brugman. “You are a true leader and thank you for ushering in a new generation and we’re all here having learned from you and I feel very, very confident in what a board is supposed to look like.”

Brianne Miller will be taking his place on Jan. 1.

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