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Legally Blonde a hit

While last week was a busy one for Windom Area High School musical director Emily Riordan, she said it couldn’t have all come together any better.
Riordan and the group of 35 students wrapped up a busy week with four performances of “Legally Blonde” in three days. The director was pleased with the how the collaboration of young talent came together.
“It went so, so well,” director Emily Riordan said. “I’m very pleased with how the kids did, it’s always fun to see how the show progresses even from Thursday night through Saturday night. I could not have asked for a better performance every single night. We had hiccups along the way, but the kids always know how to handle them some way and they make it look seamless.”
The tryouts and planning for the fall musical began during the first week of school. The practice schedule gradually grew to five and six days a week and Riordan could see the growth and the coming together, especially during crunch time.
“Even from the last two weeks, just to see how much they grew from Monday to Saturday, it was incredible,” Riordan said. “The kids put in so much time and energy to make sure it went perfectly.”
Riordan said that it was also a good blend of both newcomers and veteran performers and everyone worked well together.
“It is one of my favorite musicals of all time,” she said. “I knew that if I were to ever be a part of musicals again, that was one I wanted to do. When I saw who my cast was this year, it solidified my choice as to being the best musical for them.”
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