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Thursday, July 18, 2024

County rejects bids for Great Bend Township project

A proposed road project for 2023 may be temporarily on hold after Tuesday’s Cottonwood County Commissioners meeting.

Highway Engineer Nick Klisch presented the bids for a project on 480th Avenue in Great Bend Township, stating the bids came in considerably higher than expected.

Klisch did state that the county had received a $475,000 grant for the project, but the lowest bid for the project came in at just over $603,000.

The board voted to reject all bids based on lack of township funding for the project.

Klisch also presented the board with a resolution request, urging the governor to direct the Department of Public Safety to provide 20% matching funds for county highways damaged by storms.

Klisch stated that Carlton County has been the driving force behind the Disaster Assistance Contingency funding. In the past, the state used that means to provide the 20% match to FEMA for damaged roads. He added the DPS recently changed its policy.

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