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Thursday, July 18, 2024

ML auditorium floor project is on schedule

The project to replace the auditorium floor at the Mt. Lake Public School is believed to be on schedule.

Board Chair Chad Pedersen noted that work is ongoing to install the new floor. The wood for the floor then has to acclimate to the environment for several weeks before the floor can be treated and eventually striped and painted.

At this point, Pedersen said there is still an outside chance the auditorium floor will be ready in time for the start of basketball practice in mid-November. If the floor is not quite ready, practices will be held in Comfrey to start the season.

Additionally, Mt. Lake Public is planning to rent the BARC auditorium in Windom to hold its fall musical, as it is unlikely the auditorium floor will be ready in time for performances.

The auditorium floor at Mt. Lake Public School was damaged when a pipe in a room adjacent to the auditorium burst due to heavy drainage during a summer rainstorm. The leakage was not detected until the floor had already started to cup and warp.

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