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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Rochester man arrested in local pickup theft case

A 20-year-old Rochester man was arrested on Thursday in connection with a pickup theft in Windom.

The truck was reported stolen from Windom Towing on Aug. 17 at 5:06 p.m. Later, it was spotted on an area road, carrying a large tool box matching the description of one that had been stolen from Barnett Pro Care of Windom, according to police.

Upon investigation, the Rochester man faces possible charges related to theft of a vehicle, possession of stolen property and another count of theft. A 34-year-old man also faces a possession of stolen property charge.

For more details about this case,plus the past week’s worth of law enforcement activity, see the Aug. 24edition of the Cottonwood County Citizen and Citizen eEdition.
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