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Monday, July 22, 2024

Study finds county salaries lag behind

At Tuesday’s meeting, Cottonwood County Commissioners received confirmation of what they had suspected for some time: employee pay in the county is below average.

Robert Bjorklund of Bjorklund Compensation Consulting presented the results of a comprehensive survey of county jobs and job descriptions.

On average, Bjorklund noted that county employees, as a whole, make roughly 2.6% below counterparts from comparable counties.

Removing elected officials, his findings showed that the county’s starting salaries are .92% for minimum salaries, 4.48% for median average and 7.74% for median maximum rates.

Bjorklund also identified three specific county jobs that are being paid considerably below market rate: the information services director, the public works director and the building operations manager.

More on Tuesday’s meeting appears in the July 6 print and e-editions of the Citizen.

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