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Emergency management director offers statement on May 11 storm

During Wednesday evening’s storm, at least one tornado did, indeed, touch down in Cottonwood County, according to a statement released by Cottonwood County Emergency Management Director Paul Johnson this afternoon.

“On May 12, 2022, the National Weather Service came to Cottonwood County to do a storm assessment,” Johnson said. “A meteorologist toured the effected areas with emergency management and determined at least one tornado did touch down in Cottonwood County.
“The path of the tornado was roughly 500 yards wide, started at State Highway 30 one half mile west of Storden, ended at the elevator bin site and was on the ground for a minute or less,” Johnson said. “There are other areas tornadoes may have touched down. However, the meteorologist needs to look at radar data to confirm the touchdowns. The full report from the National Weather Service will be available at a later date.”

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