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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

County board approves pay raise for assistant county attorney

Concern over the prospect of having to find an assistant county attorney when many other counties are also struggling to fill vacancies prompted action by the Cottonwood County Board Tuesday.

County Attorney Nick Anderson presented a request to commissioners, asking to increase Assistant County Attorney Casey Schofield-Mork to Step I on the county’s current salary matrix, which would bring her annual salary to nearly $95,000.

Board Chair Donna Gravley expressed concern over the large jump Anderson proposed, noting that Schofield-Mork is currently at Step D on the salary matrix. A move to Step I would constitute about a $12,000 annual increase.

Commissioner Kevin Stevens proposed increasing Schofield-Mork to Step G on the matrix, which would be roughly half of the increase Anderson requested.

“I’d be OK with doing half of that request now and getting Casey up to where she should be as we redo the salary matrix,” Stevens said.

The board approved the move for Schofield-Mork to Step G on the matrix, beginning with the next pay period.

More on Tuesday’s commissioners meeting appears in the March 16 print and e-editions of the Citizen.

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