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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Board weighs salary matrix solution

Cottonwood County will face the lengthy task of trying to make much-needed upgrades to its salary matrix.

The issues with the matrix have shown periodically, but came to the forefront at Tuesday’s meeting.

At issue were two multi-year employees who have been leapfrogged in the pay matrix by recent hires in the department.

Nearly the entire public works department attended Tuesday’s meeting to show support and ask the board to move Levi Brummer and Jeremy Curry to Step E on the salary matrix. Brummer had been at Step B, while Curry was at Step D.

The board has noted the need to review and update the matrix in the past, but Tuesday’s meeting could accelerate the process.

Commissioner Tom Appel said he appreciated the show of support for the two employees, but cautioned that addressing individual employees could lead to other departments making similar requests.

Ultimately, the board unanimously approved the revisions.

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