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WAHS crowns Winterfest king, queen

Crowning the king and queen to kick off Windom’s Winterfest 2022 week-long festivities required holding the right card.

And in the end, Alex Garcia and Sofia Francalanci, through her stand-in escort Vance Koch, were holding the necessary king and queen playing cards during coronation in the Windom Area Middle High School Gold Gym Monday morning.

For the crowning, each candidate was given a large playing card and when instructed each held up their playing card. The candidate — Alex — with the king among the king candidates was crowned king; the candidate — Sofia — with the queen among the queen candidates was crowned queen.

There was a little twist to this year’s crowning, however. Sofia, an Italian exchange student staying with the Mike and Ashley Johnson family in Windom, was a bit under the weather and wasn’t able to attend coronation, only listening through an iPad at home. Her escort for coronation, Vance Koch, participated in her place.

Fortunately, Queen Sofia was well enough to return to school for a quick photo with King Alex before returning home to recuperate.

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