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Sunday, May 19, 2024

County board approves permit for Pro-Shed

The first steps to rebuild the Pro-Shed manufacturing building at the Elmendorf Colony were addressed by Cottonwood County Commissioners Tuesday.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the board heard a request for a conditional use permit for the colony to construct a 480-by-160-foot manufacturing facility, which would include an adjacent office.

The new structure would replace the Pro-Shed facility that was destroyed by fire last spring.

County Attorney Nick Anderson inquired whether or not the colony previously had a conditional use permit for its facility.

Environmental Officer Alex Schultz stated he could not find any previous conditional use permit for the facility. He added that on an organized farm colony, any modifications to buildings in size or purpose should require proper permitting.

The board approved the permit.

More on Tuesday’s meeting appears in the Feb. 2 print edition of the Citizen.

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