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Pandemic, election among top local 2021 stories

Looking back on 2021 is a bit like looking at a giant puzzle.

As we entered the year, there was hope that we could return to a more normal life, in the wake of a topsy-turvey 2020. And, while we can certainly say things were more normal in 2021 than they were the previous year, it was hardly a normal year.

There were still elements of the COVID-19 pandemic lingering at places like schools and airports. Families also dealt with COVID illnesses and although masking was less common than in 2020, we saw them every day.

Still, there was plenty of good news throughout the year. Area schools managed to stay in session throughout the spring and fall with few COVID-related issues. Our crops emerged fairly well, despite a summer-long drought. And an array of housing and apartment projects signaled that Windom is on its way to alleviating some of the housing shortages that have plagued the community for more than a decade.

Check the Dec. 29 Cottonwood County Citizen and Citizen eEdition for the full recap of 2021’s top stories, plus the best photos from 2021.

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