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Friday, April 19, 2024

First Presbyterian celebrates 150th anniversary

The Presbyterian Church will observe its 150th anniversary Sunday, beginning with Rev. Pamela Prouty leading worship at 10 a.m. A catered meal, program and video will follow.

In 1868, when Windom was but a small, bustling village of a couple hundred souls, a Presbyterian circuit rider preacher, the Rev. Edward Savage, began a Christian ministry.

The first congregation was organized on Oct. 15, 1871, by a committee from the Mankato Presbytery, consisting of Rev. Aaron Kerr, Rev. David Lyon and Ruling Elder John McLean.

The first membership roll included two men and eight women. One of the women was Mrs. Huntington, whose family owned The Windom Reporter, the first newspaper in town.

Worship services were conducted in the homes of elders, the public school and the Hutton Store. Rev. Savage also served five other groups and was known as “The Bishop of Six Counties” as he continued his horse and buggy ministry for 13 years.

For more on the church and its history, see the story in the Oct. 13 issue of the Cottonwood County Citizen on newsstands Wednesday.

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