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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

SCAM ALERT: Scammer poses as Amazon worker e-mailing about phone purchase

An array of scams related to Amazon.com have been seemingly flooding Minnesota, of late.

The most recent local Amazon scam involved a person posing as an Amazon employee through an e-mail. The female victim told police she received what she believed was a billing e-mail from Amazon claiming she had purchased an Iphone.

Although she had not made a phone purchase, she was told a large amount would be billed to her checking account. She was then told the only way to resolve the situation was to purchase a gift card (that the caller titled a “security card” at an Amazon store.

Since there is no Amazon store in the area, the person suggested that a card be purchased at the local Dollar General, or HyVee store. When the woman tried to purchase a card at HyVee, she was told this was a scam and to report it to the police.

The woman in this case was able to avoid being scammed.

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