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RRC gets ‘favorable’ review in seeking bond referendum

As Red Rock Central begins the new school year, the district’s superintendent and school board will be focusing on one other issue this fall.

The district will hold a third bond referendum to build a new school.

But the board has one thing for this vote that it didn’t have in the previous two: a favorable review from the Minnesota Department of Education and commissioner.

Why is that crucial?

To pass the referendum, the district will need a simple majority — 50%.

In the previous two referendum votes, the “unfavorable” review from the commissioner required 60% approval to pass the referendum. The first vote in November 2020 received 52% yes votes; the second in February received a fraction more than 50%.

“We’re very happy that the Department of Education and the Commissioner felt the same way we do, that a new building is needed to ensure our students have the kind of facility they deserve,” says RRC Superintendent Todd Lee.

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