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WAMHS moves to a combination block, modified block schedule

The school year at Windom Area Middle High School begins Sept. 7 (the elementary school begins two days later). Students are already discovering, as they picked up their class schedules, a new look to the schedule.

Last year, Windom worked on a modified block schedule. This year, the middle high school will be working with a modified block schedule, as it did in the 2019-20 school year, with a block schedule built in. Joyce says it was not an easy thing to do, but they made it work.

“We tried to, and were pretty successful, creating a schedule that blended our block classes with our modified or every-other-day classes. It was very complicated to do so,” Joyce confirms. “I give huge credit to our student services department, our counselor Jenny Squires and social worker Kylie Nielsen. They did a ton of work to make that go behind the scenes with our Skyward System.”

So, what will the schedule look like?

To find out, pick up a copy of the Sept. 1 Cottonwood County Citizen, on newsstands tomorrow.

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