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Nearly 70% say food is County Fair’s biggest draw

It appears the Cottonwood County Fair’s terrifid food is, hands down, the biggest drawing card for the annual event.

Last week windomnews.com posed the question: “What brings you to the Cottonwood County Fair?” The results, published in this week’s Citizen showed the following totals: Food, 69%; Commercial Exhibits, 19%; Entertainment, 6%; and livestock shows, 6%. (A new online poll appears elsewhere on this site.)

Fair officials say there is virtually no chance the grounds will run out of food.
Among this year’s options are:
• Angela’s Egg Roll.
• Steve Borer’s stand containing kettle corn and mini donuts.
• The Knights of Columbus food stand.
• Cottonwood County Dairy Producers milkshake stand.
• Cottonwood Cattlemen Beef Producers hamburger stand.
• The HyLife food truck, which features pork products.
• Squealer’s on Wheels, a barbecue food truck.

For much more on this year’s Cottonwood County Fair, see the Aug. 4 and 11 editions of the Cottonwood County Citizen and Citizen eEdition.

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