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Youth get ‘innovative’ at summer camp

Students were back in school at Mt. Lake Public last week. No, the school year didn’t start early — the 2021-22 academic year doesn’t officially begin for another month.

So, what would bring nearly two dozen students, going into grades 5-8, back to school for three days?

Camp Innovate!

“I’d be excited to come to school if we did this every day in school,” says a smiling Brayden Oakland, who will be an eighth-grader this fall.

“This seemed pretty fun and summer is pretty open.”

Camp Innovate is a three-day camp that runs from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., each day. The camp focuses on STEM academics — science, technology, engineering and math — using four hands-on activities to capture and engage the attention of middle school students.

For more on the camp at Mt. Lake Public School, see the story in the Aug. 11 issue of the Cottonwood County Citizen next week.

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