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Thursday, July 25, 2024

SCAM ALERT: Scammer pretends to be far away family member

Often some of the toughest scams involve scammers who are good pretenders.

Not long ago, Windom police officers received just such a report.

A Windom couple shared e-mail conversations with a scammer who, claimed to be a family member who lived far from home. Eventually, the scammer asked the couple to purchase four $100 gift cards and then send a photo of it via e-mail.

Ultimately, the couple became suspicious and did not follow the scammer’s instructions. Instead, they contacted police in an effort to warn others not to fall for any similar schemes.

“Anytime a person requests that you send a gift card, or something like it, don’t do it,” said Cory Hillesheim, Windom assistant police chief. “It is a scam.”

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