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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Veterans posts ask county for appropriation

Lower membership and increasing age of members have created a budget shortfall for Legion and VFW posts in Cottonwood County.

At Tuesday’s meeting, representatives of the county Legion and VFW posts asked Cottonwood County Commissioners to increase the available appropriation from the county.

Currently, posts that hold a Memorial Day service can submit an invoice for up to $150 in reimbursement from the county.

John Madson from the Westbrook Legion stated that a typical Memorial Day service costs a post $300.

“Most posts don’t have new members and our current members are getting older,” Madson said. “The posts need an increase in the appropriation not only for Memorial Day services, but to provide an honor guard at funerals.”

Former Commissioner Marlowe Nelsen from the Westbrook VFW added that state statute makes $3,600 available for veterans organizations in counties.

Commissioner Larry Anderson inquired whether the county could provide a direct appropriation to the posts, rather than have posts submit invoices.

No action was taken, but Commissioner Norm Holmen noted an increase in the appropriation would be discussed when the 2022 budget was being compiled.

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