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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

SCAM ALERT: Scam sites use home addresses

Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota is issuing a warning to consumers about misleading online retailers, like Zokgoc.com.

The Better Business Bureau learned of this scam after a Litchfield man had his private residential address used as the contact information on the Zokgoc.com site.

According to complaints submitted to BBB, consumers have tried to purchase small kitchen appliances and other related items from Zokgoc.com at steep discounts but have not received their purchases.

An investigation by BBB in South Carolina revealed the website text and layout are identical to three other websites — Ziyzlo.com offering outdoor supplies, Barrye.world offering women’s clothing and HTENCS.com offering children’s toys and outdoor play items. The addresses listed for those online retailers are also private, residential homes in South Carolina, Texas, and New York.

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