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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Windom Library promotes summer reading

Youth may be taking time away from school for the summer and adults may be heading out on those summer vacations, but that’s not necessarily a reason to stop reading.

In fact, when the weather starts climbing into the 90s and heat indexes into the 100s, what could be better than spending time in a good book in the cooler climate of an air-conditioned home, or on the deck on a cool summer evening?

Still not moved.

The Windom Public Library may have just the incentive you need.
Head librarian Dawn Aamot and children’s librarians Nancy Sajban and Julie VanDeWiele are offering opportunities — and prizes — to spark your reading interest.

For starters, if you haven’t paid a visit to the youth area at the library, don’t delay. They’ve rearranged their section and decorated their digs with colorful ornaments. There are open areas and nooks to satisfy every young reader.

To learn more about the incentives the library is offering, see the story in the June 30 issue of the Cottonwood County Citizen.

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