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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Butterfield-Odin requests sports pairing with Mt. Lake

Nearly a decade after the 25-year sports pairing between the Mt. Lake and Butterfield-Odin school districts ended, the Butterfield-Odin district has asked Mt. Lake to consider renewing the agreement.

At Wednesday’s meeting, the Mt. Lake school board heard in open forum a letter submitted by Butterfield-Odin Superintendent Steve Thomas and Board Chair Valerie Ommodt, officially requesting a meeting to discuss the possibility of developing a sports pairing.

After the MLBO pairing dissolved after the 2011-12 school year, Butterfield-Odin paired with St. James, while Mt. Lake Public and Mt. Lake Christian immediately formed a pairing agreement in all sports. The Mt. Lake Area pairing has since added Comfrey in all sports but football, as Mt. Lake expressed a desire to continue playing nine-man football.

Butterfield-Odin was recently given notice from St. James that it wished to discontinue its pairing for sports and academic programs.

No action was taken Wednesday by the Mt. Lake board. However, the B-O letter indicated a desire to speak with Mt. Lake at its earliest convenience.

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